January 1932

Jan. 1 – – Saw New Years in with Whitmires & Potschners at Gertrude’s. Slept at Whitmires. Gertrude’s Family Stew for dinner and supper. In evening Mr. Whitmire, Gertrude, Fred, Harold & I went over to K & M’s. Arrived back at Whitmire’s at 10:30. Talked ’til 12:30.

Jan. 2 – – Breakfast at 10 – Dinner at 12 – Ran down to Gertrude’s for farewell – Left for home at 1:30 – arrived 6 o’clock.  Kids fine. Had lunch then to store & library and read in bed ’til 2. 

Sunday Jan. 3 – – Didn’t get up ’til 10:45. Took kids to church at 2:30. Dinner 4:30. Welkers came over in eve. Made fudge and played bridge. Read ’til 12:30.

Jan. 4 – – Ripped up quilt in a.m.  Mrs. Welker over in afternoon.  In eve saw Eddie Cantor in ‘Whoopie’ & George O’Brien, Sally Eihlers, Jack Kirkwood in ‘Holy Terror’.  Both Splendid.

Jan. 5 – – Rained all day.  Went to town in afternoon.

Jan. 6 – – Worked on quilt all a.m.  Mrs. Welker over in afternoon. Washed in eve.

Jan. 7 – – Worked on quilt again – finished top today.  Harold & I saw Joan Crawford & Clark Gable in ‘Possessed’.  Fair.

Jan. 8 – – Took down Christmas tree with Jimmy & Billy’s help. Cleaned downstairs.   Mrs. Welker over in afternoon.  Spent afternoon discussing quilts. Ironed in eve.

Jan. 9 – – To town shopping in a.m.  Met Harold at 1 o’clock and came home for lunch.  To library in eve.  To bed to read.  Snowed most of day.

Sunday Jan. 10 – – Miserable lonesome day.  Harold & I hardly on speaking terms.

Jan. 11 – – Started another quilt. Mrs. Welker over in afternoon. Hurt my foot in eve and Harold had to carry me up stairs.  Nearly knocked me out.

Jan. 12 – – Spent terrible night.  Had to keep Betty home today. Couldn’t put my foot to floor.  Sewed on quilt most of day.  Rained most of day.

Jan. 13 – – Washed most of day.  Like an April day – hung clothes out of doors.  Foot better.  Worked on quilt in eve.  I sure have the quilt fever.

Jan. 14 – – Very, very warm.  Like summer.

Jan. 15 – – Letter from Will (what a relief).  Poor fellow nothing but sorrow in his life.

Jan. 16 – – To town in a.m.  Met Harold and went to show in afternoon.  Douglas Fairbanks, Bebe Daniels “Reaching for the Moon”.  Wheeler & Woolsey in “Caught Plastered”.  Rained all day.

Sunday Jan. 17 – – Jimmy not feeling good.  Billy & I went to Church at 11:30 – a little ride in afternoon.  Beautiful Sunshiny day.  Read all evening and listened to radio.

Jan. 18 – – Jimmy sick all day.  Dr. said may be measles.  Went down to Cut Rate for medicine in eve.  Letter from Ada.

Jan. 19 – – Jimmy still sick, and spent most of day with him.

Jan. 20 – – Spent most of day writing letters.  Wrote to Rose, Irene, Francis Ailene [niece], Ca, Ada.  Letter from Kate.

Jan. 21 – – Wrote to Mrs. Weaver, Gertrude.  Worked on quilt.  Betty home ’til Mon. examinations.  Rained all day.

 Jan. 22 – – Worked on quilt. Rain again.

Jan. 23 – – To town in a.m.  Rained all day. In afternoon – saw Clark Gable, Greta Garbo in “Susan Lenox” and Ed Lorie in “The Spider”.  Both good.  To library in eve.

Jan. 24 – – Jimmy & I to Church at 11:30.  Walked home and it was so cold.  Billy on couch all day, and we stayed home all day.

Jan. 25 – – Billy sick – called Dr. because he was so much worse.  Sent Ca birthday card.  Letter to Francis Aliene, Ada, Gertrude.  Letter from Eleanor.

Jan. 26 – – Dr. called to tell me Billy had Diphtheria.  Came in eve to give all kids Antitoxin.  Harold spent last night here for time being.

Jan. 27 – – Put in terrible night with poor little Billy – suffered terribly.  Mrs. Ruihle, Mrs. Welker, Mrs. Vande Water, Mrs. Fehr called up.  Dr.  came in a.m.  Harold came to dinner.  Letter from Kate.

Jan. 28 – – Nurse came to put sign on house.  Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Vollmayer,  Mrs. Vande Water, Mrs. Welker called today.  Harold came, brought us some eats.  Wrote to Kate and sent her dress.

Jan. 29 – – Washed in a.m.  – another nurse came in afternoon.  Took cultures of all our throats.  Dr. came in afternoon.  Harold came home to stay.  Boys lots better.

Jan. 30 – – Nurse called and told me to take sign down.  Extremely cold today.  Harold & I saw “Suicide Fleet” – Bill Boyd, Robert Armstrong, James Gleason – also “Fighting Sheriff” – Tim McCoy.

Sunday Jan. 31 – – Still terribly cold.  To Church alone at 11:30 – stayed home rest of day – played Rummy, Anagrams.  To bed early to read.  Kids up all day.

Jan. Memo – Worried all this week about Will [younger brother] too.


January, 1931

Harold Russell Morris, born 1890.  Blue Grandpa – Harold Russell Morris, born 1890.

Thursday Jan. 1 – – Harold [husband] and I saw New Years in alone.  Jimmy [eldest son-5 yrs. old] and I went to church at 11:30.  Harold & I saw Will Rogers in “Lightning” in afternoon. Very good.

Jan. 2  – – Bought purple chiffon dress in a.m.  Worked on Scrapbook in eve.

Jan. 3 – – Daily routine.

Sun. Jan. 4 – – To Church in a.m.  Visited the Huts [neighbors] –  drove home in fog and rain – arrived at 10:30 p.m.  Had a nice visit.

Jan. 5 – – Dismantled Christmas tree.  Loafed rest of day.  Tried to read “Babbitt” (Lewis) – no luck.

Jan. 6 – – Snowed all day – very cold.

Jan 7 – – Letter from Will [Grandma’s youngest brother, currently living out West] – still no job.

Jan 8 – – Will’s birthday.  Had a letter from Celia. [friend from Dover, Ohio – often calls her ‘Ca’. ]

Jan 9 – – Letter from Kate [younger sister].  Enjoyed ‘Chances’ by Gibbs.

Jan 10 – – Saw ‘Royal Family’.  Frederic March, Ina Claire, Mary Brian, Henrietta Crossman.  Enjoyed it immensely.  Went alone.

Sunday Jan. 11 – – To Church at 11:30.  Took a ride after dinner.  Thackara’s [neighbors] came about 5 o’clock.  Had a nice visit ’til 10:30.  Listened to F. Gibbons.

Jan. 12 – – Card from Will – a job at last tho’ not a good one.  Poor boy.

Jan. 13 – – Joe Weaver [ ] called in afternoon. Came out in eve. Had a good talk about old times.

Jan. 14 – – Nothing exciting. Very very cold. Letter from Irene. [friend from Denver]

Jan. 15 – – Edith J. & I saw ‘Ladies Must Play’, with Dorothy Sebastion, Neil Hamilton, Nadine Moorhead,  John Holland – very entertaining.

Jan. 16 – – Sewed all day.  Read ‘Undertow’ – K. Norris.  Very good.  Made myself Blue-Black dress.

Jan. 17 – – Worked all morning. Went shopping & to Library in afternoon. Harold & I went to see Jack Oakie in ‘Gang Buster’.  Card from Karl & Mary in Florida.

Sunday Jan. 18th – – Took kids for long ride in afternoon. Harold & I went to Thackaras and spent eve discussing Movie Stars.

Jan. 19 – – Uneventful.

Jan. 20 – – Wrote to Celia & Will. Very cold and snowed all day.

Jan. 21 – – Listened to Maurice Chevalier on radio – Enjoyed him so much.

Jan. 22 – – Letter from Kate telling of loss of house [Memphis, Tenn.].  Wrote immediately asking her to come here.

Jan. 23 – – Daily Routine. Made Jimmy & Billy [second son, 3 yrs. old] a suit this week, just alike.

Jan. 24 – – Went to town in a.m.  shopping & to Chiropodist.  Wrote to Kate in eve and went to Library.

Sunday Jan. 25 – –  Billy, Jimmy & I to Church in am. Called for Thackara’s in afternoon – Lunch at our house.   Harold, Walter, Edith[neighbors], & I went to State [local movie theater] – “Free Love” – Conrad Nagel, G. Tobin, Zara Pitts – real good.

Jan. 26 – – Jean & Edith came up in afternoon. Fixed Jean’s skirt.  In eve Harold, Walter, Edith, & I went to see ‘A. Lincoln’ –  stupendous.  Sent Celia birthday card.

Jan. 27 – – Celia’s birthday. Letter from Gertrude [Potschner-friend from Dover, Ohio].  Made Jimmy a waist [shirt].  Wrote to Mrs. Weaver.  In eve Jimmy, Billy & I took a walk.

Jan. 28 – – Jimmy, Billy, & I to town in am.  bought Diary –  Dr. Daniels came in p.m. to examine me.  Harold didn’t come home to dinner.  Letter from Kate refusing offer.

Jan. 29 – – Uneventful – Just heard Francis [brother in law – married to deceased younger sister Ailene] was married today.  Girl named Stella Richards.

Jan. 30 – – Letter from Mrs. Whitmire and Mrs. Seeholzer.  Hair Marcelled in eve.

Jan. 31 – – Talked to Edith about six times on phone.  To Library in afternoon. Harold & I saw ‘The Big Fight’ = Fair.

February, 1931

Mary Harris Morris, 1913  Blue Grandma – Mary Harris Morris, circa 1920.  

Sunday Feb. 1 – – Jimmy & I to Church at 11:30.  Mr. & Mrs. Daily here for dinner. Played bridge in afternoon.  Took them home at 7 o’clock.  Came home & read paper.

Feb. 2 – – Didn’t do a lick of work all day.  Read ‘Mistress of Shenstone’ by Barclay.  Played with Jimmy & Billy in evening.

Feb. 3 – – Letter from Kate – moved to 1292 Beauregard [Grandma’s younger sister Kate Goggin lives in Memphis, TN.]  In evening Jimmy, Billy, & I took long walk.  Finished ‘From Strange Beginnings’ (B.A. Williams) – good.  Beautiful day.

Feb. 4 – – Daily Routine.

Feb. 5 – – Letter from Edith.  Harold & I went to see Wheeler & Woolsey ‘Hook Line & Sinker’ – a scream.  Wrote to Kate.  Subscribed to some magazines.

Feb. 6 – – Letter from Rose.

Feb. 7 – – To town in am.  Shopping – bought pair black shoes.  Saw ‘Scandal Sheet’.  George Bancroft, Clive Brook, Kay Francis.  Would have enjoyed it I suppose had not my heart ached so about Will.  Spent a miserable evening.

Sunday Feb. 8 – – Eleanor’s birthday.  Jimmy & I ploughed thru ice to Church.   Sun came out – melted ice – Went for drive in afternoon.  Edith & Walter were coming in evening but disappointed us again.  Listened to Radio – to bed early.

Feb. 9 – – Letter from Will – sent him money & letter.  Wend to town bought black hat.  So relieved to know Will was O.K.

Feb. 10 – – Wrote Will & Rose.  Jimmy, Billy, & I took walk in evening.

Feb. 11 – – Uneventful.

Feb. 12 — Went to town in am.  In evening Harold & I saw Richard Dix – Irene Dunne in ‘Cimarron’.  Very good.

Feb. 13 – – Edith & I talked about an hour on phone.  Harold went to Equitable [Harold’s employer] Stag Dinner at Club.

Feb. 14 – – Harold & I went to Equitable Banquet at LaSalle & Koch.  Had a most delightful time but came home hungry.  Wrote to Kate.

Sunday Feb. 15 – – Jimmy, Billy, & I to Church in am.  All took ride in afternoon.  Stayed home in evening.  Went to bed early.

Feb. 16 – – Letter from Will refusing to come here.  Letter from Rose.

Feb. 17 – – Nothing happened.

Feb. 18 – – Sewed all day.  Letter from Kate.  Wrote to Rose.  Harold didn’t come home to dinner.

Feb. 19 – – Daily Routine.

Feb. 20 – – Baked bread – coffee cakes, cookies.  In evening went to Church – took Jimmy & Billy.

Feb. 21 – – Went to town – saw ‘Honor Among Lovers’ – Splendid.  Cast- Fredric March-Claudette Colbert-Chas. Ruggles.  Met Harold at office – told him to go see it.

Sunday Feb. 22 – – To Church in am. alone.  All took ride in afternoon.  Spent evening alone.  Heard Ed Guest  talk on future Presidents.  Lonesome.

Feb. 23 – – Harold & I called on Walter & Edith in evening.  Wrote to Ca.

Feb. 24 – – Sewed all day.

Feb. 25 – – Letter from Will.  He is so discouraged.  Wrote him immediately.  In evening Jimmy, Billy, & I went for ride with Harold.

Feb. 26 – – Jimmy, Billy, & I went to town in morning –  wrote to Kate & Will.  Finished ‘Backwater’ by Stribling.  Good.

Feb. 27 – – Letter from Rose & Eleanor.  In evening Harold & I saw ‘Fast & Loose’.  Light but entertaining.  Made bread, coffee cakes, two cakes.

Feb. 28 – – To town in am.  Bought curtains for kids room.  Wrote to Will.

March, 1931

Jimmy & Billy, ca1930  Jimmy & Billy, ca1930

Sunday March 1 – – Jimmy & I to Church in A.M. Took ride in afternoon. Spent evening alone. Harold varnished floor (kitchen & bedroom).

March 2 – – Under the weather all day. Letter from Kate.

March 3 – – Sick all day.

March 4 – – Letter from Mrs. Whitmire and one from Mrs. Weaver. Mr. Whitmire’s Birthday.

March 5 – – Our Wedding Anniversary. Letter from Will [Harris, younger brother].  Job at $1.00 per day. Such a life. Poor little Jimmy & Billy have colds. Edith called in afternoon.

March 6 – – Up with Billy most all nite. Went to Lenten Services in evening.

March 7 – – Stayed home all day – terrific snow and windstorm. Letter from Kate.

Sunday March 8 – – To church alone at 10 o’clock. Harold & I took a ride in afternoon. Played with kids until they went to bed. Listened to Floyd Gibbons & Ed Guest. To bed to read.

March 9 – – Edith’s birthday. Wrote to Kate.

March 10 – – Billy sick all day – had Dr. Green see him in afternoon.  Jimmy awake all night with ear ache.

March 11 – – Dr. for Jimmy. Letter from Irene.

March 12 — Jimmy & Billy better today. Edith called me in afternoon.

March 13 – – Wrote to Mrs. Hut. In evening Harold & I saw J. McDonald and Joe Brown in ‘Lottery Bride’.

March 14 – – To town in morning. To Library in afternoon. Dr. again for Jimmy, eye all swollen.

Sunday March 15 – – To church alone at 11:30. Walked both ways. Stayed home rest of day. Made candy & played anagrams in evening.

March 16 – – Entertained Jimmy & Billy most of day. Wrote to Gertrude [Potschner]. Little boys all well again.

March 17 – – Washed in A.M., sewed in afternoon – in evening listened to John McMormack and rest of Irish program. Harold out as usual.

March 18 – – Letter from Kate. Will has 6 wks. job at last. Big snow storm. Wrote Kate in evening.

March 19 – – Letter from Gertrude inviting us down there Mar. 28th. Edith called on phone in A.M.

March 20 – – To church in evening.

March 21 – – To town in A.M.  To library in evening. Gernhardt’s came in evening and we played bridge. To bed at 1:30.

Sunday March 22 – – To church in A.M.  Jimmy, Billy & I up to Monroe [Michigan] in afternoon. Took 1st lesson in driving. Hut’s came while we were gone.

March 23 – – Made Jimmy suspender suit.

March 24 – – Made Betty coat. Betty home sick with cold.

March 25 – – Jimmy, Billy & I went to town in afternoon.

March 26 – – Worked like a slave getting ready to go to Dover. Harold bought Jimmy overcoat. Edith called in afternoon.

March 27 – – Gertrude called saying Mary Ann [Potschner] has Mumps. So disappointed. Were all ready to go. To church in evening.

March 28 – – To town – Harold & I saw Ruth Chatterton in ‘Unfaithful’ & Warner Oland in ‘Charlie Chan carries on’. Disappointed in ‘Unfaithful’.

March 29 – – Jimmy & Billy and I to church at 11:30. In afternoon Persings came – played bridge, stayed till 11:45. Cold & windy.

March 30 – – Letters from Gertrude & Irene. Card from Will.

March 31 – – Sewed all day. Card from Mrs. Hut.

Memo – – Read ‘The Callahans and the Murphys’ – by Kathleen Norris. Enjoyed it so much.

April, 1931

Will Harris, born 1900 - grandma’s youngest brother.  Will Harris, born 1900 – grandma’s youngest brother.

 April 1 – – Made cookies to send to Will. In afternoon Mrs. Fehn was locked out – she came over here.

April 2 – – Went to church in afternoon – in evening Harold & I went over to Welch’s and talked flowers until 11:30 – Letters from Kate, Ca, & Eleanor. Harold fixed cold frame.

April 3 – – Cleaned house – too tired to go to church in afternoon – went in evening with Jimmy, Betty, Billy. Planted sweet peas in the rain.

April 4 – – Aliene’s Birthday.[Aliene Harris, younger sister]  Baked all morning – In afternoon painted fence. Played Easter Bunny. Went for little ride. Card  from Mrs. Whitmire.

Sunday April 5 – – Easter Sunday. Went to 8:30 Mass – Huts came at 12 o’clock. Had dinner at one. Went for ride in afternoon – went home about 8 o’clock.  Pretty sunshining day.

April 6 – – Sewed all morning – planted seed in cold frame and worked in yard all afternoon & evening. In evening went over to Mrs. Welker’s  – Billy wet the floor.

April 7 – – 18 yrs. ago today, Mama, Will, and Aliene arrived in Denver. Letter from Gertrude in evening, special delivery.

April 8 – – Year ago today Will came to Toledo – how I wish it had been to stay.

April 9 – – Jimmy & Billy both have colds.

April 10 – – Aliene gone 3 yrs. today. Billy better – Jimmy’s cold worse. Worked ’til midnight getting ready to go to Dover. Letter from Will.

April 11 – – Left for Dover at 11:30 – arrived at 4 o’clock. Mrs. Whitmire + Gertrude [Potschner] + Ca [Celia] waiting for us. All played cards at Gertrude’s that night. Whitmire’s + Potschners up until 2 o’clock. Had a wonderful time.

Sunday April 12 – – Spent morning looking at flowers. Had dinner – took nap – all went to Karl P. for supper – listened to radio & talked till Ca & Betty took kids home – then played cards ’til 2 o’clock again.

April 13 – – Went to Mrs. Whitmire’s early in A.M. Gertrude came out later. Went down to Shoenbruin’s. Decided to stay until Tuesday – took nap – planted seed in cold frame – Whitmire’s, Potschners, Sue Gray – and we played  bridge.

April 14 – – Left Dover at 9:05 – home at 2:30 – planted stuff Fred [Potschner] gave me from 3 to 7:45. Went to bed at 9 o’clock – slept thru til 7:30. Had such a lovely visit – beautiful weather.

April 15 – – Finished putting in plants. So stiff I can hardly move. Talked to Edith on phone.

April 16 – – Edith was coming but didn’t. Letter from Kate. Wrote to Gertrude.

April 17 – – Edith coming again but didn’t.  Planted garden (part of it) – so hot and windy.

April 18 – – Harold & I worked all afternoon in yard.

Sunday April 19 – – Jimmy & I went to 11:30 [church] – Harold came after us. Very hot. Took ride in afternoon. Learning to drive.

April 20 – – Letter from Irene. Went over to Welch’s in evening. So nice & warm.

April 21 – – Jimmy &  Billy & I went to town. Got drenched coming home. Rained most all day. Jimmy & Billy little villians.

April 22 – – Fell over cat – sprained ligaments in foot & leg – couldn’t walk. Dr. Green came. Cold – rainy & windy.

April 23 – – Loafed all day – couldn’t work on account of foot.  Read until eyes were tired. Still cool but sun-shiny.

April 24 – – Cleaned home in afternoon – sewed in AM. Ironed in evening. Mrs. Welch came over, we went back with her and Harold dug up some sod for her,  came home & went to bed to read.

April 25 – – Cleaned front room upstairs – scoured it. Finished at 1:55. Got ready and went to meet Harold down town. Saw ‘City Streets’ – Gary Cooper,  Sylvia Sidney (good) – ‘Doctor’s Wives’ – Warner Baxter, Joan Bennett – Fair.  Wrote to Mary Potschner. Letter from Irene.

Sunday April 26 – – Such a dismal day – rained, snowed, hailed and wind blew all day. Went to 11:30. Took Jimmy & Billy.  In afternoon took another driving lesson – not as good today, nervous.  Wrote to Mrs. Whitmire.

April 27 – – Letter from Kate.  Fixed fress for Francis Aliene [niece]. Finished waist for myself. Plants came from Bobbink & Aitkins. Took Mrs. Welch’s over to her. Too cold to plant anything – nearly froze planting aconitum.

April 28 – – Hectic day – sweeper wouldn’t work – iron cord out of commission – wringer on the blink – locked out of garage. Couldn’t do anything. Terrible wind – blew clothes over in lot. Set out plants.

April 29 – – Ironed in AM. Worked in yard all afternoon & until 8:45 in evening. Rather cool. Wrote to Kate.

April 30 – – Worked in yard all day – about paralyzed tonite. Billy fell on sidewalk and got an awful scar on face.

April 31 – – Make myself a suit – two waists, a skirt – Reading Best Stories in Delineaton (Half a Loaf) Murder at Hazelman (Good Housekeeping) no time anymore for library books.

Memo – – Spent most my evenings this month covering up flowers to prevent frost harming them.

May 1931

Betty, Billy, Jimmy ca1929  Billy, Betty, Jimmy  ca1928

May 1 – – Cool May 1st. Worked in house today. Read until mid-night. Made two cakes tonite.

May 2 – – Cakes a fizzle so made another one. Cleaned spare bed room from top to bottom, hardly able to move. Betty burned up three pearl handle knives.

Sunday May 3 – – To Church with Jimmy & Billy at 11:30. Dinner early. Took another [driving] lesson, better today. Beautiful day.

May 4 – – Heavy frost last nite, first nite I failed to cover things up. Washed in a.m. Worked in garden all afternoon. In eve Mrs. Welch came over – ironed ’til 10:30. Nice day.

May 5 – – Worked in garden all morning. In afternoon went up to Round Lake. Had a delightful ride – good dinner and nice visit with the women. Played bridge. Very warm today.

May 6 – – Cleaned bath room. Worked in yard too – rained in afternoon – went to bed early and started ‘Foolish Virgin’ (Norris). Wrote to Irene.

May 7 – – Cleaned hall up stairs – fed up on house cleaning – poured down rain all day. Real cool. No letters from anyone this week. Jimmy and Billy have a cold.

May 8 – – Sad news about Will today, accused of crime he didn’t commit. Poor kid – will his troubles never end. Went to Entertainment at Deveaux School in eve. Took Jimmy & Billy.

May 9 – – To town in a.m. Wrote to Will. Bought two Denver papers. Nothing in them about Will. Bought a bleeding heart – so appropriate. Poured rain most all day.

Sunday May 10 – – To Church at 11:30 – Took another [driving] lesson this afternoon – so nervous I hardly knew what I was doing. Rained most all day.

May 11 – – Cleaned lavatory and cleaned out all drawers in our room. Went down town in eve to get some Denver papers – nothing in them.

May 12 – – Harold went to Dover [Ohio] – cleaned out room – at least worked ’til 9:30 on it. Slept with Jimmy. Went to town in afternoon.

May 13 – – Thought Clara was coming back with Harold. Worked so hard getting house in order – then she didn’t come.

May 14 – – Worked in yard all day.

May 15 – – Worked in yard all day today, too. Letter from Mrs. Hut. Planted cherry tree. Had my hair cut – tired of it long. Dad’s birthday.

May 16 – – Wire from Will saying everything was O.K. This is day mama was operated on. Harold gave me present – 2 pair silk pajamas – so pretty. Harold & I worked in yard all afternoon.

Sunday May 17 – – To Church at 11:30. Took another lesson – little better today. Harold & I played anagrams in eve. Wrote to Will.

May 18 – – Letter from Kate – went over to Welch’s in eve. Worked in yard all day. Hot today.

May 19 – – Too tired to do much of anything today – wind blowing a gale any way. Mrs Welker & I went over to Welch’s in afternoon.

May 20 – – Jimmy’s birthday 5 yrs. old. Wrote to Kate – washed – made bread, coffee cake & Jimmy’s birhtday cake (green icing). In eve Edith phoned & came out (mystery).

May 21 – – Letter from Eleanor [Spellerberg]. All day washing wood work in kitchen. In eve Harold & I  went to Rivoli, George Arliss in ‘The Millionaire’ – 8 acts of Vaudeville – Best show we’ve seen in long time.

May 22 – – Cleaned dining room & most of living room. Worked ’til 10 o’clock. All in. Very cold. Heavy frost ruined all my beans and 1 dz. tomatoes.

May 23 – – Finished living room. Took car out alone – got into dead end street and into farm yard – had heck of a time backing out. Harold broke washing machine wringer.

Sunday May 24 – – To Church with Jimmy & Billy at 2:30. Ironed in a.m. Drove down town and did pretty good but Harold bawled me out and I cried. Finished ‘Sorrill & Son’ – peculiar but good.

May 25 – – Went to town in a.m. Bought Betty shoes – Jimmy & Billy overalls, underwear, socks. Washed in afternoon. Letter from Irene.

May 26 – – Ironed 7 pairs of curtains and all the ironing – worked in garden rest of day. Planted corn – sweet pear – gladioli. Edith called twice.

May 27 – – Cleaned back hall – front porch. Harold painted porch in eve.

May 28 – – Cleaned home – getting ready for guests. Had hair marcelled.

May 29 – – Worked like Son-a gun all day. Gertrude, Fred, Mary Ann, Jack [Potschner] & Clara arrived at 7 o’clock p.m. Had dinner. Edith & Walter came – talked ’til 10″30 after Edith & Walter left. Gertrude, Fred, Harold & I took a moonlight walk. Very hot.

May 30 – – Left for Irish Hills [Mich.] at 10:45 – sprinkling when we left – rained all day. Brought lunch home and all ate dinner & supper here. 13 for dinner – 14 for supper.

Sunday May 31 – – Went to Zoo in a.m. Home at 2:30, got dinner – kids took nap – went to Thaskara’s for supper – Home at 11:30. Real cool today.

Memo – – Had most delightful visit with the folks [Potschners]. Such good company. Disappointed about picnic, but had good time anyway. Took ride Sat. afternoon in rain – sight seeing.

June 1931

Harold Jimmy Billy 1928 Harold, Jimmy & Billy – 1928

June 1 – – Folks intended to leave right after breakfast but stayed ’til after lunch. Worked in garden for while – came in took 2 hrs. nap. Planted green peppers in eve. Mrs. Welsh came over in eve.

June 2 – – Washed in a.m. To town in afternoon. Bought Betty dress for graduation. Worked in yard ’til dark.

June 3 – – Worked in yard all day. Took nap in afternoon 3 to 4.

June 4 – – Letter from Will – wrote to him tonite. Rained all day. Storm at night.

June 5 – – Edith called, visited for 1/2 hr. Took long ride in eve. Another storm this a.m.

June 6 – – Billy fell down basement stairs. Not hurt but for bump on head. Made no cakes for a change. In afternoon Harold & I saw ‘Seed’ with John Coles, Genevive Tobin & Lois Wilson (Rivoli). Not so good. Left before end on acct. bad storm. Rained most all day.

Sunday June 7 – – My birthday. Took Jimmy, Billy to Church in car. First time alone. Rained all morning, real cool. Fire in furnace. Took ride in afternoon – learning to back. Played anagrams ’til 10:40 – read ’til mid-nite.

June 8 – – Fire feels good today. Miss Dot brought me dress to make.

June 9 – – Washed & ironed all in one day.

June 10 – – Sewed in a.m.  To town in afternoon. Bought Paul Thackara tie for graduation.

June 11 – – Finished Betty’s white dress. Talked to Edith on phone.

June 12 – – Letter from Rose. Painted trellis. Betty finished 8th grade. Summer is here.

June 13 – – Hot today. Letter from Celia. Made two cakes. Cleaned house. Finished Miss Dot’s dress. Went to library. Wanted to go to Paramount but too short funds. Terrible to be so poor.

Sunday June 14 – – Jimmy, Billy & I to Church at 11:30. Took drive in afternoon. Went to Thackara’s in eve but they were not at home. Went to bed and read.

June 15 – – Didn’t go to sleep til 2 a.m. Got up at 7. Did our wash and one for Barnes. Harold was peeved because I did it.

June 16 – – Made myself a white shirt.

June 17 – – Letter from Gertrude [Potschner]. Worked in yard most of day. In eve Harold & I saw “Men call it Love”. Adolphe Menjou, Leila Hyams, Norman Foster. Good.

June 18 – – Worked in garden in a.m. To town in afternoon to buy white shoes. In eve looked at some homes open for inspection. Wrote to Will & to Bess.

June 19 – – Worked in yard in a.m. Made 3 loaves bread, 3 coffee cakes. Went back to hair curlers to conserve. Edith & Walter came out in eve. Surprise. 92° today.

June 20 – – Worked all day mending, sewing, ironing and baking. Hot today.

Sunday June 21 – – To Church alone at 8:30. Made ice cream. In afternoon picked sweet cherries at Thackara’s. Saw Wheeler-Woolsey in ‘Cracked Nuts’. Fair.

June 22 – – Worked in garden all a.m. because Mrs. Fehier was here. Canned cherries in afternoon. Baked pie for Edith & ourselves. Took hers down to her.

June 23 – – To town in a.m. Bought nice spring coat for $4.00. Came home Betty had wash done. Ironed in afternoon. In eve went over to see Mrs. Welch’s garden.

June 24 – – Made white shirt over. Finished ironing. In eve Jimmy fell on drive and almost ruined his dear little face. Mrs. Welch & Mrs. Welker came over. Cool today.

June 25 – – Up at 6:30. Thackara’s came over in eve. Scorching hot today. Poppies are gorgeous.

June 26 – – Poor Dad gone one year today. Letter from Mrs. Weaver & one from Bessie. Two bad storms – one in a.m. & the other in eve.

June 27 – – Washed hair. Went to town in afternoon. Hot. Bought Betty shoes. To library in eve.

Sunday June 28 – – To Church at 8:30. Harold went to Ball game in afternoon – rest of us took nap. Went for ride in eve. Stormed tonite.

June 29 – – Washed & ironed. Another hot day. Letter from Kate. Will out of a job again. Mrs. Owens & Mrs. Welch came over. Then we went to Welch’s.

June 30 – – Another storm at 4:30 this a.m. Too hot to breathe. Went down to Thackara’s but they were not at home.

Memo – – This was a hot stormy old month.