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January 1932

Jan. 1 – – Saw New Years in with Whitmires & Potschners at Gertrude’s. Slept at Whitmires. Gertrude’s Family Stew for dinner and supper. In evening Mr. Whitmire, Gertrude, Fred, Harold & I went over to K & M’s. Arrived back at Whitmire’s at 10:30. Talked ’til 12:30.

Jan. 2 – – Breakfast at 10 – Dinner at 12 – Ran down to Gertrude’s for farewell – Left for home at 1:30 – arrived 6 o’clock.  Kids fine. Had lunch then to store & library and read in bed ’til 2. 

Sunday Jan. 3 – – Didn’t get up ’til 10:45. Took kids to church at 2:30. Dinner 4:30. Welkers came over in eve. Made fudge and played bridge. Read ’til 12:30.

Jan. 4 – – Ripped up quilt in a.m.  Mrs. Welker over in afternoon.  In eve saw Eddie Cantor in ‘Whoopie’ & George O’Brien, Sally Eihlers, Jack Kirkwood in ‘Holy Terror’.  Both Splendid.

Jan. 5 – – Rained all day.  Went to town in afternoon.

Jan. 6 – – Worked on quilt all a.m.  Mrs. Welker over in afternoon. Washed in eve.

Jan. 7 – – Worked on quilt again – finished top today.  Harold & I saw Joan Crawford & Clark Gable in ‘Possessed’.  Fair.

Jan. 8 – – Took down Christmas tree with Jimmy & Billy’s help. Cleaned downstairs.   Mrs. Welker over in afternoon.  Spent afternoon discussing quilts. Ironed in eve.

Jan. 9 – – To town shopping in a.m.  Met Harold at 1 o’clock and came home for lunch.  To library in eve.  To bed to read.  Snowed most of day.

Sunday Jan. 10 – – Miserable lonesome day.  Harold & I hardly on speaking terms.

Jan. 11 – – Started another quilt. Mrs. Welker over in afternoon. Hurt my foot in eve and Harold had to carry me up stairs.  Nearly knocked me out.

Jan. 12 – – Spent terrible night.  Had to keep Betty home today. Couldn’t put my foot to floor.  Sewed on quilt most of day.  Rained most of day.

Jan. 13 – – Washed most of day.  Like an April day – hung clothes out of doors.  Foot better.  Worked on quilt in eve.  I sure have the quilt fever.

Jan. 14 – – Very, very warm.  Like summer.

Jan. 15 – – Letter from Will (what a relief).  Poor fellow nothing but sorrow in his life.

Jan. 16 – – To town in a.m.  Met Harold and went to show in afternoon.  Douglas Fairbanks, Bebe Daniels “Reaching for the Moon”.  Wheeler & Woolsey in “Caught Plastered”.  Rained all day.

Sunday Jan. 17 – – Jimmy not feeling good.  Billy & I went to Church at 11:30 – a little ride in afternoon.  Beautiful Sunshiny day.  Read all evening and listened to radio.

Jan. 18 – – Jimmy sick all day.  Dr. said may be measles.  Went down to Cut Rate for medicine in eve.  Letter from Ada.

Jan. 19 – – Jimmy still sick, and spent most of day with him.

Jan. 20 – – Spent most of day writing letters.  Wrote to Rose, Irene, Francis Ailene [niece], Ca, Ada.  Letter from Kate.

Jan. 21 – – Wrote to Mrs. Weaver, Gertrude.  Worked on quilt.  Betty home ’til Mon. examinations.  Rained all day.

 Jan. 22 – – Worked on quilt. Rain again.

Jan. 23 – – To town in a.m.  Rained all day. In afternoon – saw Clark Gable, Greta Garbo in “Susan Lenox” and Ed Lorie in “The Spider”.  Both good.  To library in eve.

Jan. 24 – – Jimmy & I to Church at 11:30.  Walked home and it was so cold.  Billy on couch all day, and we stayed home all day.

Jan. 25 – – Billy sick – called Dr. because he was so much worse.  Sent Ca birthday card.  Letter to Francis Aliene, Ada, Gertrude.  Letter from Eleanor.

Jan. 26 – – Dr. called to tell me Billy had Diphtheria.  Came in eve to give all kids Antitoxin.  Harold spent last night here for time being.

Jan. 27 – – Put in terrible night with poor little Billy – suffered terribly.  Mrs. Ruihle, Mrs. Welker, Mrs. Vande Water, Mrs. Fehr called up.  Dr.  came in a.m.  Harold came to dinner.  Letter from Kate.

Jan. 28 – – Nurse came to put sign on house.  Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Vollmayer,  Mrs. Vande Water, Mrs. Welker called today.  Harold came, brought us some eats.  Wrote to Kate and sent her dress.

Jan. 29 – – Washed in a.m.  – another nurse came in afternoon.  Took cultures of all our throats.  Dr. came in afternoon.  Harold came home to stay.  Boys lots better.

Jan. 30 – – Nurse called and told me to take sign down.  Extremely cold today.  Harold & I saw “Suicide Fleet” – Bill Boyd, Robert Armstrong, James Gleason – also “Fighting Sheriff” – Tim McCoy.

Sunday Jan. 31 – – Still terribly cold.  To Church alone at 11:30 – stayed home rest of day – played Rummy, Anagrams.  To bed early to read.  Kids up all day.

Jan. Memo – Worried all this week about Will [younger brother] too.


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