July 1931

Jimmy - Kelly Tire Car Jimmy& Kelly Tire Car

July 1 – – Another hot day.

July 2 – – Made bread & coffee cake. Edith & Walter came over in evening.

July 3 – – Made two cakes & three cherry pies. Two for Edith. Finished ‘Beloved Woman’ by Norris. Very good.

July 4 – – Stayed home all day. In eve went to Walbridge Park to see Fire works.

Sunday July 5 – – Jimmy, Billy & I to Church at 11:30. Suffocated. Harold went to Ball game. Will left one year ago today.

July 6 – – Got a permament wave this a.m.

July 7 – – Wire from Joe [Weaver] that he & his Mother would be here Wed. Hustled up to get my washing & ironing done. Card from Will from Livingston, Montana.

July 8 – – Mrs. Weaver & Joe arrived at 3:25. Joe left at 5 o’clock for Cleveland. Aliene’s Wedding Anniversary date. Would have been married 11 yrs.

July 9 – – Stayed home all day and talked about old times. In eve went for ride.

July 10 – – Mrs. Weaver & I went to Paramount in afternoon. Saw Sylvia Sydney, Phillips Holmes, Norman Foster in ‘Confessions of a Co-ed’. Not as good.

July 11 – – Home all day. Joe came about 10:30 a.m.  In eve went for long ride. Wire from Elmo saying he couldn’t come.

Sunday July 12 – – With Jimmy and Mrs. Weaver to Church at 8:30. Took a ride up the river. Had dinner at 1:30. They left at 3:06 for Chicago.

July 13 – – Card from Will from Seattle, Wash. Letter from Eleanor. Billy has a sore eye.

July 14 – – Washed, ironed all but two shirts.

July 15 – – Letter from Mrs. Weaver. Billy looks like orphan. Sore eye and broken out with heat.

July 16 – – Too hot to work. Spent day trying to keep cool. Temp. 99 today. All in.

July 17 – – To town in a.m. bought orchid hat.

July 18 – – Made two cakes (Zula). In afternoon took kids to Ottawa Park. In eve took Billy to Dr. Green to see about eye. Looks so bad.

Sunday July 19 – – Slept till 9 a.m. To Church at 11:30. Harold went to Ball game in afternoon. Stormed. Took ride in eve. To bed at 9 o’clock.

July 20 – – Worked in garden all morning in the rain. Wrote to Eleanor.

July 21 – – Wrote to Mrs. Hut. Washed & ironed today. In eve Harold & I went to Rivoli – “Smart Money”. Edwin Robinson, James Cagney & Evelyn Knapp. Very very good. Not a dull moment.

July 22 – – To town in a.m. looking for job – no luck. Letter from Kate. Poor thing is disgusted with life. Nice and cool today. Letter from Mrs. Weaver. Took a little ride this eve.

July 23 – – Hardly able to navigate today. So hot.

July 24 – – Loaded most of today. Worked in garden until it got too hot.  Billy’s eye almost well.

July 25 – – Mama’s Birthday. Have terrible cold. Card from Eleanor. Letter returned from Will. Wrote him again at Billings, Montana. Also wrote to Kate.

Sunday July 26 – – Slept ’til nine o’clock. To Church at 11:30. Took kids to Ottawa Park in afternoon. So hot. In eve took nice long ride.

July 27 – – Did immense washing today. Curtains for our room and kids room. Another hot day. Had long chat with Mrs. Toby in eve.

July 28 – – Sick all day. Dr. Green came in eve to look me over. So hot.

July 29 – – In bed all day. Mrs. Welker came over in afternoon. Terribly hot. Wrote to Eleanor.

July 30 – – Letter from Irene. Still in bed most of day. Harold stayed home in eve for a change. Wrote to Irene.

July 31 – – Betty did big washing. Wasn’t able to help much.


August 1931

The Paramount Theater, Toledo, Ohio  The Paramount Theater, Toledo, Ohio.   Maurice Chevalier in ‘The Smiling Lieutenant’ is showing.  Blue Grandma saw this movie on August 11th, 1931 and reviewed it as ‘pretty good’.

Sunday Aug. 2 – – Got up at 5:15 to go to meet Eleanor. Had breakfast. Left for Round Lake – Rented cottage – had dinner – Went to Welker’s cottage at Sunset Beach. Home at 9:45. Hot today.Aug. 3 – – Left home at 9:30 for cottage at Round Lake. Harold had dinner with us and then left for Toledo. Had good time in water and boating. In evening played anagrams and bunco. Nice and cool. Aug. 4 – – Went easy today for me, we’re all so sun burned. Ideal weather. Talked to Galliers at Hotel. Played games in eve. To bed at 10:30.Aug. 5 – – Had gorgeous time today. In water a long time. Walked up to farm in eve for ice. Took ride in boat. Talked ’til mid-night.

Aug. 6 – – So hot today. Sat in water about 2 hrs. talking to Mrs. Galliers. Harold came in eve to spend rest of week. Letter from Will.

Aug. 7 – – Went over to Manitou Beach. Sent card to Will. Had grand time in water. In eve went to Somerville Center. Visited beautiful home of Mr. Mc.?. Home of Mr. Mc. ? has numerous of beautiful gridges made of cement to simulate old branches of trees, old boards, etc. Cement work by Frank Cordosa.

Aug. 8 – – On Lake most of day or in it. Weather ideal. In eve went down to Adrian. Came home and took ride on Lake. Played cards and to bed at 11.

Sunday Aug. 9 – – Rained in a.m. Took swim in early afternoon. Had dinner and got ready to come home. Arrived at 7:15.  Letter from Celia saying she was coming.

Aug. 10 – – Had a whale of wash. Clothes got wet & everything. Celia came at 6:35. Had dinner and talked till 12:45. Real cool today and rainy.

Aug. 11 – – Took Celia downtown. Harold took her to Station. Eleanor & I saw Maurice Chevalier in “Smiling Lieutenant”. Pretty good. Met Harold. Came home & made waffles. In eve went looking at houses.

Aug. 12 – – Ironed. Visited around neighborhood in eve looking at flowers.

Aug. 13 – – Letter from Kate.

Aug. 14 – – Loafed around house most of day and read.

Aug. 15 – – Kate’s birthday. Wrote to Kate & Will. In eve went down to Point & to library. Mrs. Welsh & Mrs. B. came for a little visit in eve.

Sunday Aug. 16 – – Eleanor, kids, & I went to Church at 11:30. Stayed home until eve when we went to town to see if any excitement account of bank failures.

Aug. 17 – – Spent most of day talking about bank failure. Washed in a.m. In afternoon Eleanor & I took long nap. Played anagrams in eve. (Four banks closed their doors today) Cards from Celia.

Aug. 18 – – Very hot. Mrs. Gernhardt called on phone. Mary P. called up and later she and Karl came out. Stayed until 7:30. Harold mad because I sent Will money. Eleanor, kids & I watched people play mini-golf.

Aug. 19 – – Started a patch quilt today. Made 11 squares. Card from Irene. In eve played mini-golf.

Aug. 20 – – Worked on quilt most all day. Took a little nap and in eve took ride with Harold.

Aug. 21 – – Nice & cool today. Took Eleanor down to train 10:30. Excursion didn’t start ’til eve so she couldn’t go. Went shopping at Tiedtkes. Worked on quilt all afternoon. Eleanor left at 7:25.

Aug. 22 – – Very cool. Talked to Welkers all afternoon. Cut quilt patches in a.m. In eve to stores and home to read until mid-nite.

Sunday Aug. 23 – – Jimmy, Billy, & I to Church at 11:30. Harold & kids went to park in afternoon. I stayed home. Rather lonesome day. Not even a ride.

Aug. 24 – – Took nap in afternoon. In eve went with Harold making calls. Nice ride out to Sylvania.

Aug. 25 – – Card from Eleanor. Wrote her a letter, also wrote to Mrs. Whitmire.

Aug. 26 – – Card from Irene. Busy on quilt.

Aug. 27 – – Letter from Will and one from Celia. Real cool today.

Aug. 28 – – Eugene’s birthday [younger brother]. Met Irene & Marvene at train at 11:00 a.m. Came home and talked & talked & talked. Had dinner at 5:00 and took them to Station at 6:25.

Aug. 29 – – Real cool. Letter from Gertrude [Potschner] inviting us down for Labor Day. Sewed and mended all day. In eve went to stores & library. Met Edith & Walter – had quite a chat.

Sunday Aug. 30 – – Slept ’til 9:30. Made pancakes by request. Jimmy, Billy & I to Church at 11:30. Talked with Vollmayers. Stayed home all day. Very cool again today.

Aug. 31 – – Washed & did most of ironing. Nearly froze last nite under two blankets and very cold today.

September 1931

Sep. 1 – – Took kids to town for shoes and such a time, worn out. Bought Billy a sweater. Letter from Kate. Poor thing, things are getting worse and worse.

Sep. 2 – – Wrote letter to Kate, to Fran and to Irene. Received notice of Elmo’s promotion to Asst. Gen. Pass Agt. C + A. Sep. 3 – – Sent Mrs. Whitmire a card. Went shopping for a hat and bought in first place I went. Spent rest of day mending and fixing up clothes. Very cold but nice and sunny.

Sep. 4 – – Letter from Will and one from Eleanor. Washed & ironed and got things ready to take to Dover [Ohio].

Sep. 5 – – Mrs. Whitmire’s birthday. Left for Dover at 9:45. Stopped at the office. Stopped at Canton and arrived at Dover at 4:30. Had lovely birthday dinner and nice visit in evening with Potschner’s & Whitmires.

Sunday Sep. 6 – – To Church at 9 o’clock. Had dinner at the Potschners. Had Dutch Lunch at Mary’s at 6 o’clock. Spent most delightful evening. Whitmires went to Cleveland to a game.

Sep. 7 – – In a.m. went sight seeing gardens. Had lovely dinner, listened to Cleveland Indians ball game. Fred & I picked flowers for me to bring home. Left at 4:30, home at 10 o’clock. Lovely weather all the time.

Sep. 8 – – Worked in garden all day putting in stuff Fred gave me. Went out in country for chicken manure.

Sep. 9 – – Spent most of day reading ‘A Lantern in her hand’ by Bess Streeter Aldrich. Wonderful.

Sep. 10 – – Getting ready to go to Lake. Left at 2:45, arrived at 4:15. Took swim in Lake, had lovely chicken dinner. Letter from Kate. Played cards, to bed at 12:45.

Sep. 11 – – Up at 6:50. Bath in Lake, breakfast at 8:30. Meeting at 9:30. Wonderful talk by Mr. Anthrom. Lunch at 1 o’clock. In afternoon went over to Somerset Centre. Swim and then dinner. Speech in evening by Mr. Anthrom. Venetian Parade and Weiner roast, bed at 11:45.

Sep. 12 – – Got up at 6:45. Took bath in Lake and took up courage enough to swim out to diving board alone. Meeting at 9:45, Lunch at 1 o’clock. Went down to Hallers cottage, collected rocks and left for home at 4 o’clock.

Sunday Sep. 13 – – Jimmy & Billy & I to Church at 11:30 – Very hot. Took ride in afternoon, bought ice cream. Went to bet at 8:10 and read until 10:30.

Sep. 14 – – Jimmy enrolled in Kindergarten. Poured down rain. Made jelly, canned tomatoes. Betty started to High School. Card from Will.

Sep. 15 – – Took Jimmy to school and called for him too. Busy day, washed, made bread, rolls, coffee cake. Turned very cool tonite. Worked on quilt.

Sep. 16 – – Very hot today. Ironed, cleaned home and canned tomatoes. In evening Harold & I went to see ‘A Free Soul’. Norma Sheares, Lionel Barrymore, Clark Gable. Very good.

Sep. 17 – – Ironed again, make Plum Jam. To bed early to read. Reading Barberry Bush by K. Norris. Hot again today & so sticky.

Sep. 18 – – Canned tomatoes. Finished patch quilt. Read ‘Half a Loaf’. Lewis. Fair.

Sep. 19 – – Started another quilt. Jimmy has bad cold. Canned tomatoes and worked all day. To library & store in evening. Special Delivery from Mary Potschner.

Sunday Sep. 20 – – Washed and hung out clothes. Harold went after dirt & finidhed pool. In afternoon he & I worked on pool. In evening we went for ride and bought peaches.

Sep. 21 – – Very hot. Canned peaches and planted a box of things Mary P. sent me. Too tired to move tonite. Went to bed at 8 o’clock and read until 11:30. ‘A White Bird Flying’.

Sep. 22 – – Canned peaches, bought some tomatoes to can. Billy has bad cold now. Wrote to Clara & Will.

Sep. 23 – – Canned Tomatoes. Card from Will from Worland, Wyoming. Mailed him a card. Kids & I went with Harold in evening.

Sep. 24 – – Canned peaches & tomatoes. Letter from Rose. Harold & I saw ‘Five Star Find’, Edw. Robinson, H.B. Warren. Too tragic but wonderful acting.

Sep. 25 – – Cold & Rainy. First furnace fire. Rained all day long. Letter form Irene. Made cake in evening. Finished ”Half a Loaf’ by Lewis. So-so.

Sep. 26 – – To town in a.m. Bought Bety umbrella, Jimmy raincoat. Made grape jelly and grape juice after coming home from Library. Letter from Clara.

Sunday Sep. 27 – – Slept ’til 9:15. To Church at 11:30. Ride out in country in afternoon. Usual Sun. night performance. To bed early and read ’til mid-nite.

Sep. 28 – – Letter from Mrs. Hut from Chicago – moving to South Bend, Indiana. Made grape jelly & pickles. In evening went over to Welch’s. Very cool today. Wrote to Mrs. Whitmire.

Sep. 29 – – Wrote to Eleanor. Worked on quilt again. Have the fever bad.

Sep. 30 – – Washed and ironed. Worked on quilt.

October 1931

Oct. 1 – – Too tired to do much work. Listened to World Series in afternoon. Harold came home with bad cold so he could listen too.  To bed early.

Oct. 2 – – Listened to World Series. In evening went with Harold making few [sales] calls. Letter from Eleanor, made beet relish.

Oct. 3 – – Nice warm beautiful day. To town in a.m. Shopped ’til noon, then to Paramount. ‘My Sin’, Frederic March, Tall. Bankhead – Very good.  Gernhardts cam in evening and we played bridge.

Sunday Oct. 4 – – Another beautiful day, almost hot. Went up to Irish Hills and to Mich. State Park. Took our dinner and had a most  delightful day. Got some bitter sweet & some rocks. Betty [oldest child] sick but went anyway.

Oct. 5 – – Worked in yard all morning. Washed in afternoon. Started ‘Mother Mason’ by Aldrich.

Oct. 6 – – Hot today. Made grape juice. Listened to World Series game. Cardinals got a walloping, 3-0. Read Mother Mason & worked on quilt.

Oct. 7 – – Did little ironing but loafed most of day. Not feeling so good. In evening saw ‘Caught Plastered’.  Wheeler & Woolsey. Funny as ever. Harold went down to see H. Forbes.

Oct. 8 – – Started woolen quilt for Billy’s bed.

Oct. 9 – – Letter from Mrs Whitmire. In evening went with Harold on calls. spent afternoon listening to World Series.

Oct. 10 – – To town in a.m. To Dentist in afternoon. To Butcher & Library in evening. Cardinals won World Series 4-3.

Sunday Oct. 11 – – To Church at 11:30. Dinner 2:30. Pasted pictures in Jimmy & Billy’s books. Worked on quilt, went for ride in evening. Harold & I saw Claud Colbert in ‘Secrets of a Secretary’, good.

Oct. 12 – – Columbus Day.  Washed, ironed, sewed, made cookies. Wrote to Clara & Eleanor. Letter from Will. Jimmy has a bad cold. Very cold today.

Oct. 13 – – Letter from Irene telling of Frances Ailene’s party. Mrs Welker here most of day. Jimmy’s cold little better.

Oct. 14 – – Sent package to Frances Ailene. Jimmy not so good today. In evening went with Harold and sat in car in rain for 2 hours. Just poured.

Oct. 15 – – Jimmy lots better. Have the quilt fever. Started another one today. Letter from Kate. Went over to Welch’s in evening to look at her antiques. Mr. & Mrs. Welker were there.

Oct. 16 – – Made bread, coffee cake & rolls. Worked on quilt. In evening Betty & I cleaned house.

Oct. 17 – – Took kids to Paramount to see Circus. Circus good but rest of show bum. ‘Road to Reno’. Lilyan Tashman, Buddy Rogers, Peggy Shannon.

Sunday Oct. 18 – – To Church at 11:30. Worked most all day. Took ride late in afternoon. To bed early to read and eat popcorn & apples. First killing frost last nite.

Oct. 19 – – Frances Ailene’s birthday [niece].  Jimmy went back to school today. Now Billy has a cold. Beautiful day and I spent it working. Hard work. Harold bought me a purse today. Lovely.

Oct. 20 – – Just worked all day. Read ‘Soul of Ann Rutledge’ in evening, by Bernie Babcock. Very good.

Oct. 21 – – Made Betty a Middy. In evening Harold & I saw ‘Star Witness’, Walter Huston, Chic Sale, Frances Starr. Very exciting.

Oct. 22 – – Betty’s Birthday. Letter from Frances and one from Gertrude. Made Betty’s cake. Made bread, worked in yard and worked on quilt. Warm today. All in.

Oct. 23 – – Real warm. Another beautiful warm day. Cleaned downstairs thoroughly in a.m.  Visited with Mrs. Welker in afternoon, worked in garden.

Oct. 24 – – Rainy today. To town in a.m. saw ‘Secret Six’, Wallace Berry, Clark Gable – and ‘It’s a Wise Child’, Marion Davies: Real good – came home with headache.

Sunday Oct. 25 – – To Church at 11:30 – After Dinner took kids for ride. Excitement in evening. Called fire Dept. for Richley’s [neighbor] – fake alarm. Mr. & Mrs. Travis called. Harold went to show.

Oct. 26 – – Washed in a.m. and visited with neighbors all afternoon. Didn’t even get my clothes dry. Gossiping about false alarm.

Oct. 27 – – Kept Jimmy home he has such a bad cough. Harold came home early and made cabinets for breakfast room. Rainy today.

Oct. 28 – – Nothing exciting this week. No mail or anything cool today. Wrote to Frances. Letter from Irene and one from Eleanor. 

Oct. 29 – – Cut out some P.J.’s, went to Florist and bought some Ivy. Little plants. Mr. Forbes came for Diner. Talked until after mid-night.  Letter from Mrs. Weaver.

Oct. 30 – – Washed in a.m. Cleaned house. Made bread. Rained all day.  Harold stayed down town for dinner. In evening I went to Welch’s.

Oct. 31 – – To Dentist in a.m. Came home and got things ready for kids for Halloween. To library in evening. Started ‘Partners in Crime’. Harold started ‘Mystery of Blue Train’. Both by Agitha Christie.

Memo – – Oct was a beautiful month. Nice, warm most of the time.

November 1931

Sunday Nov. 1 – – To Church at 11:30.  Took Billy and Bebe to show in afternoon. Then Harold took kids & I for ride.  Called for Billy.  Had lunch & then Harold & I saw ‘Sporting Blood’. Clark Gable, Madge Evans, Ernest Firrence.  Very good, exceptional.

Nov. 2 – – Mrs. Welker brought me some mums. Cut out overcoat for Billy in a.m. and worked in yard all afternoon.  Am retiring at 8:30. Sleepy & tired.  Wrote to Mrs. Whitmire this a.m.

Nov. 3 – – Worked on overcoat all morning.  Worked in yard in afternoon. Wrote to Kate.

Nov. 4 – – Worked on overcoat all day. Fehn’s [neighbors] came over in evening and we played cards ’til one, had a lunch[snack?] & talked ’til 2 a.m.

Nov. 5 – – Letter from Will. Terrible wind today. Made bread & coffee cake.  Washed [laundry] in evening.

Nov. 6 – – Card from Mrs. Whitmire saying they were coming up here. Finished Billy’s overcoat.

Nov. 7 – – To Dentist in a.m.  Took kids to see ‘Caught Plastered’ in afternoon.  To library & Smiths in evening.  To bed early. All in.

Sunday Nov. 8 – – To Church with Billy at 11:30. Worked in yard all afternoon. In evening saw Ina Claire in ‘Rebound’. Very good.  saw Edith and Walter.

Nov. 9 – – Washed [laundry]. Clothes dried like in summertime. 66°. Washed all windows downstairs, in & out. Ironed green curtains & put them up. Harold went to dinner with Rotary Club in Waterville [Ohio].  Very warm today.

Nov. 10 – – Card from Mrs. White. Edith called on phone.  Made bread, ironed and washed dishes many times.  Retiring at 8:30.

Nov. 11 – – Armistice Day. Rain most of day. Letter from Celia Weaver. In evening listened to Armistice Day Program.

Nov. 12 – – Bad storm. Washed and cleaned down stairs. Mrs. W called at about 3 o’clock from Edith’s. Harold & I saw ‘Street Scenes’. Sylvia Sydney, William Collier, Estelle Taylor – sordid.

Nov. 13 – – Warm beautiful day. Mr. & Mrs. Whitmire came out for little visit in a.m.  Did lot of cooking today. They came back at 10 o’clock to stay. Talked ’til about 1 o’clock.

Nov. 14 – – Letter from Gertrude [Potschner]. Mrs. Whitmire & I went to town right after breakfast. Shopped, had lunch and met Harold & Mr. Whitmire at 2 o’clock.  Went to see ‘Flying High’. Charlotte Greenwood, Bert Lake. Good but rather raw.  Played bridge & Michigan in evening.

Sunday Nov. 15 – – Mrs. Whitmire & I went to new Cathedral at 11:15. Dinner at 2:10. Went for ride late in afternoon. Played bridge in evening. Mrs. Whitmire & I won 2 out of 3. Lunch [snack?] at 11 p.m , and to bed at 12 o’clock.

Nov. 16 – – Whitmires left at about 9:45.  House seems awful quiet. Rained most of day. Warm.

Nov. 17 – – Not so good today. Spent most of day reading ‘Outlaws of Eden’, P. B. Kyne.  Ironed some tablecloths in evening. Warm again today.

Nov. 18 – – Letter from Mrs. Whitmire. Started Jimmy pair of pants. Harold came home at noon. Went to look at new home.  In evening saw “East is West”, Lupey Valey, Edwin Robinson, and ‘Putting on the Ritz’, Harry Ridman, Joan Bennett, Lily Tollman. Both good.

Nov. 19 – – Letter from Kate. Sent her Special Delivery.  Jimmy has another cold. Finished pants. Finished wash tonight that I started last night.

Nov. 20 – – Warm summer day. Jimmy stayed home today on account of cold. Made bread & coffee cake.

Nov. 21 – – To town shopping all day. To library in evening.

Sunday Nov. 22 – – Jimmy & I to Church at 11:30.  Harold had cold so we stayed home all day.

Nov. 23 – – Cut out waist[shirt] for Jimmy. Worked in yard all afternoon. Very warm – like summer, wore no sweater and comfortable.

Nov. 24 – – Rainy today. Loafed a lot. Feel all in.

Nov. 25 – – Loafed most of day. Letter from Kate, Clara and one from Frances Aliene. Went with Harold to make [sales] calls in evening.

Nov. 26 – – Thanksgiving.  Washed in a.m.  Chicken dinner at 2. Ride in afternoon. In evening Harold & I saw ‘Bad Girl’. James Dunn, Sally Eilers. Very good.  Afraid Jimmy has chicken pox.

Nov. 27 – – Ironed all morning. Went to Taube’s funeral in afternoon. Had Dr. Orwig come for Jimmy. Good case of chicken pox and sore throat. Slept with him all nite.

Nov. 28 – – Stayed home all day, lonesome, dreary day. Jimmy lay on couch all day. In evening Harold & I went shopping and to library.

Sunday Nov. 29 – – To Church at 11:30. In afternoon Harold & I saw Anna Harding, Leslie Howard, Robert Williams in ‘Devotion’. Very good. Had chicken sandwich, hot chocolate and to bed to read.

Nov. 30 – – Nurse came to see Jimmy and man came to see about trees.

December 1931


Photo is of Kate Harris; Blue Grandma’s younger sister that she corresponds with often.

Tues. Dec. 1 – – Didn’t do much of anything today.  Nothing exciting at all.

Dec. 2 – – Planted 3 nice Maple trees today.  Made Jimmy a waist.

Dec. 3 – – Sewed most of day and read ‘Josselyn’s Wife’ by Norris.  Washed in afternoon & evening.  Also worked in yard in afternoon.

Dec. 4 – – Made bread & Coffee Cake. Did some cleaning.  In evening Harold & I saw ‘Over the Hills’ at Paramount –  good show.  Ruth Roland on stage – Jos. Dunn, Sally Eilers, Mae Marsh, J. Kirkwood, in pictures.

Dec. 5 – – Letter from Eleanor. Bought green coat today.  Shopped, met Harold, had lunch, bought bed for back room.  Went to Library, had dinner, then addressed Christmas cards.

Sunday Dec. 6 – – To Church with Billy, Jimmy at 11:30.  Cold & windy.  Took Betty to show and we took ride in afternoon.  Stayed home and played anagrams & read in evening.

Dec. 7 – – Very cold today.  Made Betty skirt, ironed and thoroughly washed the new bed and made it up.

Dec. 8 – – Billy broke out with chicken pox today.  Saw George Arliss in Alexander Hamilton.  Good picture. Doris Kenyon & June Collyer played with him.

Dec. 9 – – Cleaned back room upstairs and changed it all around.  Played bridge at Fehn’s tonight.  Mr. Fehn was the champ.  Didn’t get to bed ’til about 2 o’clock.

Dec. 10 – – Cleaned downstairs – finished wash.  Had a time with poor little Billy, he itched so bad.  Cut out waist for Billy in evening.

Dec. 11 – – Made bread, Billy a waist. Ironed back bedroom curtains.  Harold got my coat. In evening went to Paramount ‘Stars of Yesterday’ & ‘The Cheat’.  Tulbush Bankhead & Irving Pichel.

Dec. 12 – – Letter from Eleanor.  Took Jimmy to town to see toys and Santa.  Such a crowd.  Bought him pair shoes. Got home at 4 o’clock ready to drop.  To library in evening and to bet to read.

Sunday Dec. 13 – – Jimmy & I to Church at 11:30 (Raining). Went to town in afternoon to see Decorations. Came home & Harold & I played Cribbage. Had lunch & played anagrams. To bed to read ’til midnight.

Dec. 14 – – Made Frances Aliene [neice] a waist. Finished PJ’s [pajamas] for myself.

Dec. 15 – – Went to town in afternoon with Mrs. Welker[neighbor]. Finished my shopping. Harold & I saw Henen Hayes in ‘Sin of Madelon Claudette’. Wonderful acting – Lewis Storie, Jean Hea, Neil Hamilton.

Dec. 16 – – Made Billy a waist.

Dec. 17 – – Made Frances Aliene a silk skirt.

Dec. 18 – – Made bread, coffee cake, rolls and cookies. Ironed living room & dining room curtains and put them up.  Mrs. Welker was over in evening.

Dec. 19 – – To town at noon – had hair waved. Met Harold, had lunch, did some shopping. Came home and in evening went shopping and to library.

Sunday Dec. 20 – – To Church at 11:30.  Made cookies, candy, addressed cards and packed Kate’s box.

Dec. 21 – – Harold’s birthday.  Made cookies, candy. Went to Equitable Dinner and won a turkey.  Had a nice dinner and a good time.

Dec. 22 – – Loafed all a.m.  Took kids to town in afternoon. Got Billy shoes. Went to town again in evening.  Exchanged Billy’s shoes & bought pan for turkey.

Dec. 23 – – Sewed in a.m.  Washed in afternoon.  Trimmed tree in evening. Lots of Christmas cards.

Dec. 24 – – Billy’s birthday. Cleaned house. Made bread, coffee cake, rolls & Billy’s birthday cake – green and pink.  Spent evening playing Santa Claus. To bed at 11 o’clock.

Dec. 25 – – Up at 8 o’clock. Kids delighted with presents. Kids & I to Church at 11:30.  Nice turkey dinner at 2:30. Took long ride out in country. Mrs. Greene called in evening.  Harold & I played anagrams for hours.

Dec. 26 – – Got up at 9:30.  Ironed all a.m.  Went over house. Took nap in afternoon. Went to library in evening.  Played anagrams and started ‘Fired the Clock’.

Sunday Dec. 27 – – Mrs. Whitmire [friend from Dover, Ohio] called long distance inviting us down for New Years.  Kids & I went to Church at 11:30. After dinner Harold & I took nap.  Harold slept 2 hrs. on couch.  Went thru Ottawa Hills [nearby, pricey neighborhood] after dark to see Christmas decorations. Harold & I played anagrams.

Dec. 28 – – [no entry]

Dec. 29 – – Ironed and mended most all day. Took nap in afternoon. Harold & I drove down town in evening to mail

letters to Mrs. Whitmire & Eleanor.

Dec. 30 – – Washed in a.m.  Got things ready for kids to have while we are gone. Letter from Kate. Talked to Mrs. Gerhardt on phone. Went over to Welkers twice.

Dec. 31 – – Left for Dover [Ohio] at 7:20.  Had lunch in Canton. Visited Mrs. Wise. Arrived Dover 4 o’clock. Had dinner at 5.  Went to Gertrudes at 8. Visited, played bridge, had midnight lunch. Back to Whitmire’s at 2.